Due to cruelty to animals in factory farming is condemned on Friday a pig farmer by the Ulm district court to three years in prison. Due to the catastrophic conditions in his stables in Merklingen, hundreds of pigs were found dead or had to be killed due to injuries on the instructions of the veterinary office, it was said to the grounds of the judgment. The judge spoke of a “mass animal hell”.

Overall, were in the stables more than 1,600 pigs. Two of the wounded animals of the 56 should have slain-year-old defendant with a sledgehammer.

animal activists have called the verdict historic. “For the first Time, an industrial animal holder was sentenced in Germany on charges of animal cruelty to jail,” said the founder and Chairman of the Association of Soko tierschutz, Friedrich Mülln. “At last it has dared a judge to break a taboo and malpractices in the industrial animal, to punish stance.”

The conditions in the stable were revealed in 2016 of the Association. Activists had filmed in the stables. The against you for unauthorized access, opened the proceedings had been discontinued after payment of a penalty of 100 Euro. The stables were closed. The products of the breeder were previously in the EU with a variety of labels in the trade, for example, with “quality made in Baden-Württemberg”, or by the Initiative of animal welfare.