Udaariyaan’s 4th episode, February 2022, will be dramatic. You’ll see that Jasmine has been redeemed. Tejo is at the wedding venue to destroy everything and to put Jasmine behind bars for the previous exploits she made against the Virk family, Amrik. Jasmine doesn’t know how to handle this stuff. Everything is being thrown around in such a way that Jasmine didn’t even think about it. Tejo brought something surprising.

Jasmine advises Tejo that she cannot do anything against her now because she is going with Fateh, and that if she does something to her father’s disrespect, it will be irreparable. Tejo believes that Jasmine is correct, and that if it happens again in this manner, everyone will blame her father. So she decided to take a step back to ensure her family didn’t face disrespect from their closest ones. Tejo feels helpless because almost everyone is at their wedding.

Udaariyaan Written Update

After some time, the priest arranges all rituals under the canopy and asks the couple to come together to make the seven vows. Then both take seven rounds, and the groom then fills Jasmine’s head with vermillion with Mangalsutra. Jasmine is happy because things are going exactly as she expected. She is finally marrying Fateh. Inwardly, she wonders if she will be able to execute her plans to destroy the Virk houses once she has entered them. She is blaming them because they always favor Tejo.
The twist comes when she takes the wedding mask off the face of her groom and is shocked to see it. Jasmine doesn’t know what to do, as the groom isn’t Fateh. Many speculate that Angad Maan, the groom’s mask, was there to make Jasmine’s lives miserable. She used him against Tejo and so he is determined not to let her go. You can stream it on Colors TV. For more details, stay tuned to us.