On the New York stock exchange the Dow Jones Industrial has risen by almost five percent. The Dow rose for the first time in a single trading day, more than 1,000 points. After the shortened trading had been completed on Christmas eve, with a considerable decline of almost three per cent, showed the rate table is now at the Sounding of the closing bell, a substantial increase of 4.98% on 22.878,45 points. The broader S&P 500 also rose nearly five percent to 2.467 counter. The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 increased by 6,16% to 6.262,77 counter.

On Tuesday, trading on Wall Street had rested because of Christmas. At the start of trading on Wednesday, the Dow fell still in one of great turmoil-dominated business, to just 21.713 points. Investors were unsettled by the recent developments in Washington. Background of the budget were, among others, the dispute between US President Donald Trump and the opposition Democrats, to a partial Shutdown of the government. Added to this were short-term conscripts deliberations of the Finance Minister, Steven Mnuchin with a crisis group made up of representatives of Supervisory authorities about the recent stock market downturn.

But then, of course, was driven by the retail and energy values upward. Obviously, the Christmas business was as good as it has been for years. Also, the U.S. Oil prices rose after a weaker development of almost ten percent. This supported the mood in addition to the price of Oil is regarded among experts as a leading indicator.

influence on the development of the recommendation of U.S. President Donald Trump to use the last of the fallen rates for the purchase of shares was apparently. “I think it is a great opportunity,” said Trump on the first Christmas day, in front of reporters in the White house, he had “great confidence” in U.S. companies. The President repeated his criticism of the U.S. Federal reserve Bank and its President, Jerome Powell. The Fed decided last week that the key interest rate by 0.25 percent to raise. Trump adviser Kevin Hassett, according to Powell’s Job was to “100 percent” safe.

retail is benefiting from the Christmas shop

corporate and economic data of great importance were few and far between. The rate of price increases in the US real estate market had surprised in October despite a slowdown in the positive. In comparison to the corresponding month of the previous year, house prices rose by 5.03 percent, such as from the on Wednesday in New York published S&P/Case-Shiller Index. Analysts had expected on average an increase of 4,86%.

retail values were due to the Christmas business, to the biggest winners. The credit card company Mastercard, the Christmas business was the best in six years. The papers won to 6.74 percent. Rival Visa with a growth of 6.98 per cent even more successful. In the Dow Jones Home Depot laid 6,413 percent and Walmart 5.35 per cent. In the Nasdaq 100 Amazon shares gained 9,38%. Outside of the retail trade jumped Facebook values to 8.16 per cent on 134,18 US dollars upwards.