The new airport in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul is planned to be completed later. The full commissioning is already for the third Time in a row postponed. According to the company IGA, the move from the Ataturk airport to the new Airport in the North of the city is now, for the 5. April planned for the beginning of March.

Actually, the airport had been on 29. October to go into operation. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had opened him at the time solemnly. The relocation of the semi-state airline, Turkish Airlines has had to be postponed due to delays in construction works and Tests, but first of all, at the end of December and then the beginning of March.

The Istanbul airport is a prestige project for Erdoğan. According to the operator it should handle about 90 million passengers in the year. After full completion of a capacity of 200 million passengers will be reached to operate per year. That would make him currently the largest airport in the world.

According to operator information the construction will cost a total of more than ten billion euros. Foundation stone was laid in June 2014. Above all, the working conditions were always been criticized. According to official data of the competent social insurance authority of SGK by the end of 2018, more than 50 workers died at the construction site in case of accidents.