(Istanbul) At least ten people died on Wednesday in floods that hit two provinces in southeastern Turkey already affected by the devastating February 6 earthquake, Turkish media reported.

Nine people lost their lives in the town of Sanliurfa, including five Syrian nationals found dead in the basement of a building and two others missing, according to Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency.

Another person died and three are currently wanted in the neighboring province of Adiyaman, also affected by heavy rains.

The victim was inside a container converted into emergency accommodation when she was trapped in the waters, Anadolu said.

Many quake survivors have been temporarily housed in tent and container villages in Turkey’s eleven quake-hit provinces.

Images taken on Wednesday showed avenues in Sanliurfa transformed into brownish torrents carrying cars and trucks.

A video, shot in the province of Malatya, neighboring that of Adiyaman, also showed the water rising around the white tents where survivors of the earthquake are refugees, which left 48,500 dead according to the latest report from the authorities, according to which 13.5 million people were affected.