(Manchester) “We’re going to win back the White House”: In front of his voters in New Hampshire, Donald Trump pledged on Thursday to “crush” President Joe Biden – whose candidacy has just been formalized – during the 2024 election.

“On Tuesday, Joe Biden officially declared that he wanted four more disastrous years” in office, criticized the former Republican president.

Donald Trump didn’t have words harsh enough to denounce the record of his successor: a country steeped in violence and crime, crushed by inflation, where banks “collapse”…

In 2024, America will have the choice between “success and failure”, “security or anarchy”, “prosperity or disaster”, he estimated, the tone serious.

The former tenant of the White House held his first campaign rally since his historic indictment by a New York court.

“We’re going to crush Joe Biden,” the former businessman assured his supporters, sporting his famous red caps.

Donald Trump then launched into a Joe Biden impersonation implying that the octogenarian leader was senile – a recurring claim among Republicans.

“He’s falling apart” in the polls, he quipped.

Despite his historic indictment, Donald Trump is currently surfing well above the fray of Republican candidates.

And could therefore be chosen by his party to face Joe Biden again in November 2024.

New Hampshire, where he is meeting, is among the first states to hold their Republican primaries in early 2024. A victory in this state would guarantee victorious Donald Trump a precious – and necessary – momentum for the future.

Surrounded by investigations into financial affairs, his electoral pressures in Georgia in 2020 or the management of his White House archives, Donald Trump throws himself headlong into his new electoral campaign, denouncing “a witch hunt” .