Like his father, Wolfgang Grupp Junior is personally liable for his company as Trigema boss. He still sees his sister Bonita, who is not liable, as an equal.

When the 82-year-old Trigema boss Wolfgang Grupp resigned at the beginning of this year, he distributed his responsibilities unequally between his two children: he appointed Wolfgang Grupp Junior, following his own example, as personally liable partner and managing director. Bonita Grupp became a member of the management board without any personal liability.

Now Wolfgang Grupp Junior has explained that he still sees his sister as an equal. “When my sister decides something, I don’t even think about whether it was right or wrong,” said Grupp Junior in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. “I know she did it in the 100% interest of our company.”

If Bonita Grupp wanted to contradict him, she could do so at any time. In their minds, they then bear “full responsibility” for this veto.

However, only he can lose personal assets. That’s the way he thinks, his sister shouldn’t lose anything – regardless of who made the wrong decision. “It’s enough if someone holds their head at the end,” said Wolfgang Grupp Junior.