The car service mediator Uber, according to the media the first step in the direction of the stock market reports made. The San Francisco-based company had already filed on Thursday a confidential request for a placement of shares, write to the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the financial service Bloomberg. The New York Times confirmed the reports and refers to “two people with knowledge of the process”. Uber itself does not want to comment on the message in the first place.

it is Noteworthy that TRANS smaller rival Lyft announced on Thursday, to have that day, also a confidential request for its IPO filed. So far only in the United States and Canada, active company, which gives such as Uber, a Smartphone-App ride-sharing and traditional taxi services, power of competition, to grasp for its IPO in March or April in the eye. About what are you doing his for the first quarter of 2019, is said in the media reports.

The New York Times, Uber and Lyft offer a veritable race to see which of the two companies first listed on the stock exchange come. There is a “good climate for Technology IPOs” at the moment, while at the same time, concern was in front of a possibly approaching recession. For 2019, the stock market actually declines of Tech companies expected to attend, including from the accommodation intermediaries Airbnb and the communication service Slack.

Uber has collected in the past years, around 20 billion dollars of investors ‘ funds and loans. The car manufacturer Toyota has invested only in August of $ 500 million in the transport service intermediaries. At the same time, Uber has reported a loss of about one billion dollars alone for the third quarter of 2018. According to the New York Times, banks are expected to ask for an IPO a valuation of the company of up to 120 billion dollars.

While in the United States, in the meantime, some towns fight back against the Expansion of Uber, had pulled the company out of Germany, after an initial Phase of aggressive Expansion in 2015, to a great extent. The local taxi industry had provided to the emerging U.S. competitor, contrary to; in a landmark decision, the regional court in Frankfurt had held that a Service of Uber, the rides, with private people in their own cars, the competition was illegal. Uber is now but back in the three German cities Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf, active and announced last, to convey from next week again trips in Frankfurt am Main.