US President Donald Trump tightened his hand, policy with India and Turkey, and threatening to withdraw the billions in tariff reductions. He did not intend special treatment, the special treatment of the countries in the framework of the U.S. customs program to finish GSP, said Trump, in a Letter to Congress.

In the case of India, the program allows for duty-free Export of products to the value of 5.6 billion dollars in the United States. The reason for the planned end of for the government in New Delhi guarantee of the United States in spite of intensive discussions, as yet, no fair and reasonable access to the Indian market, wrote Trump. He did not want to take but there is still some time for further consideration of whether India will fulfill the criteria for preferential treatment. The tariff concessions at the earliest after expiry of 60 days.

Trump has been criticized in view of the high trade deficit, India repeated due to high import duties. A deletion of special treatment of the so far hardest criminal action would be against the country since trump took office in 2017. India is the world’s largest beneficiary of the U.S. customs program that dates back to the 1970s, and in fact the economic development in the respective emerging countries is intended to promote.

With a view to Turkey, wrote Trump, the country is now sufficiently developed, have increased their Per capita economic output steadily and no longer need the 1975 conferred special status. Between the United States and the government in Ankara, there was always conflicts.

Trump sees the USA in trade with many countries at a disadvantage and has instigated that’s why, among other things, a customs conflict with China. Even with the EU it is therefore in dispute, and it threatens with special duties on car imports. In addition, it was negotiated on its pressure the North American trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.