The US economy the benefit of the import duties on Chinese Goods. According to a study (PDF) of the European Network for Economic and Fiscal Policy Research the total earnings sum to $ 18.4 billion.

“duties are nothing more than taxes, whose load is distributed to the foreign producers and domestic consumers,” says the Co-author of the study, Gabriel Felbermayr from the Munich-based ifo Institute. According to the economist, three-quarters of the burden of the duties to be transferred to Chinese producers, making the United States considerably revenue. “The Problem with protectionism is that it may have in fact economically advantageous to the United States,” says Felbermayr.

In September, US President, Donald Trump had arranged to occupy half of Chinese imports with special duties – in addition to previously, in July, imposed tariffs against China. In total, the US relate to customs duties products with a value of more than $ 250 billion.

The study, are likely to pay the consumers through the tariffs for the concerned Chinese products up to 4.5 percent more. In addition, the Export of these goods will shrink in the U.S. by 37 percent, reducing the trade deficit of the USA seems to be declining with China at 17 percent.

The United States accuses China of, among other things, market foreclosure, unfair subsidies for its own economy, and technology theft. China has the back and responded to us tariffs with retaliatory measures. US goods to the value of 60 billion dollars, were also assigned with duties.