Against the Backdrop of the US President Donald Trump threatened special duties on car imports will meet this Tuesday, Manager of German auto companies, members of the US government to engage in talks at the White house. Among other things, the Daimler Board of management Chairman Dieter Zetsche will take part in the discussions. In addition, VW-in-chief Herbert Diess in the US flies to Minister of the economy, Wilbur Ross, and trade Robert Lighthizer officer. The manufacturer BMW will be represented, according to the group’s chief financial officer Nicolas Peter.

What the Meeting in Washington in the Detail will go, is not yet known. Trumps economic adviser Larry Kudlow to call on Monday, no details. There was talk of the “always good”, with representatives of the German car industry, said Kudlow. The Meeting in the White house is expected to take place without a U.S. President Donald Trump.

The US government seems to want to discuss the trade disputes. The German car managers want to the meaning of the German companies for the US industry. A formal mandate for negotiations, the representatives of the car companies have not, however, as trade and customs issues of the European Union are the responsibility of the EU Commission.

Trump the United States from its trading partners unfairly treated and threatened for months with special duties on cars. For the German manufacturer, this would be a heavy burden. After the fronts of the rails temporarily hardened, assured Trump EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in the summer, for the time being of the auto customs duties to refrain. Instead, they wanted to negotiate further. Since then, not much did. After the announcement of significant job cuts at the biggest U.S. car maker General Motors, Trump called again last week for duties of up to 25 per cent on cars from abroad.

In the trade dispute between the United States and China, there were, however, least of all an approximation. The world’s largest economies, had been averted at the G20 summit at the weekend in Buenos Aires, a further escalation in their ongoing Trade dispute for the time being.