US President Donald Trump does not want to tax the Import of cars for the time being, with higher duties. As several media reported, citing industry circles, wool, Trump wait for up to a further six months with his decision. He wanted to take account of the progress of the trade talks with the EU.

Trump had threatened to customs duties in the amount of 25 percent on imported European cars. This would particularly affect the sales of German manufacturers.

On Saturday a deadline for the decision on possible customs duties on car imports. The legal situation in the United States allows the President to postpone his decision but up to 180 days. In this time, he is unable to agree with the governments of the countries concerned.

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fight back The US Department of Commerce had developed in the order Trumps an analysis as to whether the car imports threaten the national security of the United States. The report the Ministry submitted to the President in February. He has not yet been released, but according to information from industry circles in February, the authors came to the conclusion that the imports threaten the safety.

The trade dispute began more than a year ago. The EU estimated at the time, US cars from the USA, ten per cent; the USA, however, more expensive in EU cars by only 2.5 percent. Since then, Trump, the US is trying to increase tariffs.

Goods from China has let it Trump more with customs documents. His declared goal is to protect the domestic economy from a weakening of import products. Also the further States, he has already threatened with inches or issued the appropriate instructions. Affected governments responded with counter-measures, including the EU.