Despite the announcement of new special duties by US President Donald Trump China is to hold for the time being to further trade talks with the United States. “The Chinese negotiating team is preparing to travel to negotiations in the USA,” said foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang in Beijing.

The Chinese government is seeking to do “for more information”, said the spokesman to questions about the new round of Negotiations and the scheduled date. Originally for this week’s deadline, the spokesman confirmed, however. In addition, Shuang did not mention explicitly whether or not the chief negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, will lead the Delegation.

trade dispute – Donald Trump announces new special tariffs against China Starting on Friday of increased customs duties of 25 percent will apply to Chinese products. It is unclear whether the proposed trade talks are taking place. © Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Actually, the talks about a solution to the trade conflict this Wednesday should be continued in Washington. US media had reported that China is considering a cancellation or postponement of the negotiations, after Trump had announced on Sunday surprisingly, to increase from Friday to the already existing special duties on imports of goods from China to the value of 200 billion dollars from ten to 25 per cent. In addition, he threatened with an extension of these special duties on all imports from China. The Chinese government had not made repeatedly in the past, clearly, to negotiate under pressure.

The US government accuses the Chinese government, among other things, theft of intellectual property and technology espionage. In the consequence of US President, Trump-in the past year, Chinese goods worth 200 billion dollars, with the special duties of ten per cent. China responded with retaliatory tariffs to a similar extent. The last agreement was reached between both sides, however, additional duties for the time being, to suspend and negotiations.