After the announcement of new U.S. special duties on Chinese Goods is considering China according to Reports, the planned trade talks with the United States to cancel. The the Wall Street Journal reported, citing insiders. Donald trump, the Chinese side acted surprised, the wool does not negotiate under threats. The financial news Agency Bloomberg reported that China is thinking of a postponement of the talks.

The U.S. President had announced on Sunday surprisingly, to increase already next Friday to the applicable special customs duties on imports from China from ten to 25 percent. Trump threatened in addition, the special duties on all imports from China. “The trade deal with China continues, but too slowly, because you try to negotiate. No!” Trump wrote. Yet on Friday he had praised after the completion of the last round of talks in Beijing, the progress of the negotiations. In January and March, Trump had to be postponed twice already-announced time-limits for tariff increases.

trade dispute – Donald Trump announces new special tariffs against China Starting on Friday of increased customs duties of 25 percent will apply to Chinese products. It is unclear whether the proposed trade talks are taking place. © Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

In the of the Communist party of China issued Global Times wrote to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, the US trip of Deputy Prime Minister and negotiators from Liu He is now “very unlikely”. The U.S. government had no knowledge of a cancellation, said the government representatives of the news Agency Reuters.

courses in Asian stock markets

fallen As a reaction to trump’s announcement, the prices fell on the Asian exchanges. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index fell after trading started more than three percent. Also, the stock markets in China fell by three to four percent. The Kospi Index in Seoul lost first, was 0.74 percent. In Taiwan, the Taiex fell by 1.48%. Oil prices fell earlier this week by more than two percent, while the Chinese national currency, the Yuan depreciated by one percent against the Dollar.

the President of The Peterson Institute for economic research in Washington, Adam Posen, is criticized to reach the announcement by the President: “Trumps action nothing. You will not be lifting the us economic growth or employment,” he said of the world. “Instead, U.S. households are occupied by a sort of tax.” In addition, China will practice alleged retaliation. “That makes it almost impossible for representatives of the Chinese government to take a face-saving agreement.” They could not give the impression, under pressure.

Trump had occupied ten months ago, imports from China in the volume of 200 billion dollars, with the special duties of ten per cent. The U.S. government accuses China of, among other things, theft of intellectual property and technology espionage. In December, the two sides agreed on additional duties for the time being, to suspend and negotiations.