Toyota To Resurrect The MR2 Coupe With Ferrari-Like Curves

Toyota is set to embark on a sports car revolution starting in 2025 with the introduction of new versions of its GR Supra and GR86 models. However, the real excitement lies in the revival of the popular MR2 sports coupe, a beloved model that ceased production in 2007. According to reports from Japan’s Best Car magazine, the new MR2 will pay homage to Ferrari with its design elements.

Rumors initially suggested that the fully electric FT-Se sports concept, unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show last October, would serve as the foundation for the new MR2. However, recent updates from Best Car indicate that Toyota will retain the car’s original mid-engine layout while equipping it with a powerplant based on the award-winning GR Yaris engine, generating an impressive 320 horsepower.

The upcoming MR2 is expected to feature Ferrari-like lines and curves, reminiscent of the iconic 308 GTB model. This nod to Ferrari’s design language is a deliberate choice by Toyota, aiming to capture the essence of the beloved sports car while infusing it with modern technology and performance.

The new MR2, scheduled for release in 2026, will mark Toyota’s final venture into internal combustion engines before transitioning fully to electric powertrains. Priced at over $65,000, the limited-production MR2 will be crafted by Toyota’s GRMN studio, adding an exclusive touch to the model’s heritage.

With a blend of Ferrari and Lotus-inspired styling cues, the next-gen MR2 promises to be a standout in the sports car segment, offering enthusiasts a unique combination of performance and design. As Toyota continues to evolve its sports car lineup, the resurrection of the MR2 signifies a bold step towards the future of automotive excellence.