Tom Brady retired after 40 days.

Brady announced Sunday that he will be returning to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his 23rd NFL season.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion announced the news via Instagram and Twitter, saying that he had “unfinished business.”

Brady wrote, “The past two months have taught me that my place is on the field, not in the stands.” It will come. It’s not here yet. I love my team, and my family. They make it possible. “I’m returning for my 23rd season here in Tampa.”

Brady led the Buccaneers’ win of the Super Bowl in 2020 and the NFC South title last season. In his 20-year tenure with the New England Patriots, Brady teamed up with Bill Belichick to win six Super Bowls.

In 2021, Brady, 44, led the NFL in yards passed (5,316), touchdowns (443), and attempts (719). However, the Buccaneers were defeated at home by the Los Angeles Rams in divisional round.