“Our customers are more critical and better-informed than other customers,” said Annette Hoffman founded with Elke Schilling “Alma & Lovis”. Photo: Google

The fashion designer Annette Hoffman actually wanted to make a break. After twenty years at a large company for sustainable fashion, she had made a little time off.

but Then a well-Known clothing technician Elke Schilling, who was looking for a partner for the creation of a fashion label told her. Schilling and Hoffman both live in Bonn. They met and talked about their concern for the environment and the desire to create a fair and ecologically produced fashion.

Alma & Lovis was born, the Bonn-based Label for sustainably produced women’s fashion. While the Name “Alma” from the point of view of the founders described the “gifts from mother nature”, is Lovis for the “fighters of the everyday”.

“We have designed a first collection and began to sell them in our online shop,” says Elke shilling. However, the founders did not want to focus on your Internet presence.

they traveled to fairs for ecological fashion and presented the Girlfriends and Girlfriends of Girlfriends of your clothes. The designs came across. More and more customers asked whether there is also a shop where you can browse. Hoffman and Schilling responded and opened their first stationary shop in Bonn, and soon, the second in Cologne.

both Online and offline, Elke Schilling and Annette Hoffman exploit the possibilities of online marketing: With Google Ads make them on your shop and your shops carefully.

“Our Bonn-based business is not straight in centre, but just outside of the City,” says Annette Hoffman. “Many clients find after a targeted online search to us. We know that about 20 percent of the clients researched in our stores online in advance to sustainable fashion in Bonn or Cologne. They discovered also display our search.”

The two women behind Alma & Lovis, meanwhile, have recognized that the distribution channels Online and Offline.

an example of a Google Ads display (photo: Google)

“Our customers are more critical and better-informed than other customers,” said Annette Hoffman. In detail, the questions to individual pieces of clothing. Where did that come from? How was this produced?

Annette Hoffman and Elke Schilling know the answers. “We have a Baby Alpaca sweater, which we know where the animal lives, of the hair, the wool was spun.”

Such product details the entrepreneur to integrate inside today in your Webshop. In this way, readers and potential buyers can discover the stories behind the individual pieces of clothing on the Computer or on the Smartphone.

Elke Schilling and Annette Hoffman the online marketing of now as attentive as the creation of their collections.

Initially, the two women laid down in the case of Google Ads very General search terms like “fashion” or “clothing”. Thus, people with the wrong expectations in the Webshop of the Bonn Labels, the number of returns increased, and found.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs provide on the inside, ensuring that your Google Ads appear only next to complementary terms such as “sustainable” or “organic”. “Through targeted online marketing to the appropriate customers, to Alma & Lovis,” says Elke shilling. “Whether online, or in Bonn, or Cologne.”

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