According to data from the International Olympic Committee, more than 220 athletes will represent America at the Olympics Beijing. This makes it the largest delegation at Games.

The U.S. has 224 athletes. Canada is second with 217 athletes. With 214 athletes, the Russian Olympic Committee (also known as “ROC”) rounds out the top three largest delegations.

National Olympic committees can be defined as groups that are officially recognized by International Olympic Committee. Not all committees are country-specific.

Russia was expelled from the Olympics 2017 after a doping scandal. However, Russian athletes are still allowed to compete under the neutral Olympic Committee.

According to the most recent IOC statistics, China hosts 173 Olympians and Switzerland brings 166 athletes to the Games.

The Games also include the largest delegations from Germany, Japan and Italy.

There are more than 50 teams bringing less than 10 athletes. Two athletes will represent Puerto Rico, while one will represent the U.S. Virgin Islands. American Samoa will also have one athlete.

A dozen other delegations, including those from American Samoa or the U.S Virgin Islands, will only bring one athlete to Beijing. There are only one athlete from India, Ecuador, India, Morocco, and Morocco.