World of showbiz With only minor injuries, was In Verhulst (25) in yesterday’s car accident that he caused it to be. He realizes that he has a lot of good luck, and thank you to his followers and fans on Instagram.

“It’s a miracle that I was unharmed from the accident, I came,” he writes Verhulst. “I am very happy to find out that there is no-one else is hurt, it is. Now, I understand that it would be able to walk again.”

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Verhulst, rode yesterday at about 17 o’clock in a traffic jam in the University, which was established after the road construction industry. His land Rover went off a few times, overkop, but the FOUR-show host, came out unscathed from the accident. There was also no one else is hurt. Two of the cars were still scuffs on it. Verhulst, thanks to his fans around the world. “I would like to thank everyone for all the kind messages,” he writes.