It could be the longest forced break, had to insert the Federal authorities in the USA so far. Three weeks already, the budget continues the dispute between US President Donald Trump and the Democrats in Congress and the chances of a quick deal are since last night even lower. Furious Trump left a Meeting with the Democrats, without progressing in the conflict even a Millimeter. But the dispute with the result that ministries and Federal authorities in the United States receive no more money. Shutdown is called, this budget freeze, and the consequences of not only hundreds of thousands of staff in the authorities. The government standstill has also an effect on social services of the USA, air traffic, Parks, or museums.

An end to the budget dispute is not in sight, because Trump wants to give the Budget, if the expenditure in the amount of 5.7 billion dollars for the construction of a wall have been clarified to Mexico. This requirement, do not agree to the Democrats. The construction of the wall was a Central campaign promise Trumps and is a theme that electrifies his followers. Since he took office two years ago, Trump didn’t come in order. Recently, the President has threatened to declare a national state of emergency, he should not get the money demanded.

even now, the impact of the shutdown to take five Figures illustrate staff, the consequences for the state and the normal population in the United States:

© 249.000.000 US $
monthly installment payments for real estate loans at risk

are to stand By the government to a standstill at the moment to 800,000, officials of Federal agencies affected, a portion was discharged in the forced leave, slightly more than half of them have to work without pay. Without your salary, it would be these people difficult to settle your current costs. The New York Times has to calculate how many of the state officials to take a property loan and how much money you can raise together for this month. The result is 249 million dollars.

These and other consequences of the shutdown could help the US economy grow in the affected time period will be less than previously assumed. Bank of America has set its forecast last updated.

© 38.000.000 families
could not eat brands

In February, get the food stamps could be in short supply, the Ministry of agriculture supports 38 million poor families in the United States. According to information from the American media by the Congress for approved emergency funding for the first two-thirds of the month.

the partial blockade of The Federal administration altogether, especially the Poorest. Also, the Ministry of Housing (HUD), the housing subsidies, is financed only partially. The Ministry has already appealed to about 1,500 owners of social housing on their reserves and tenants with arrears will not terminate immediately.

the natives, who belong mostly to the poorest layers are Affected. The descendants of the tribes of Indians of the competent office, which pays according to the New York Times for the basic service of nearly two million people, lack even the means.

© 51,000 staff members
control of airports, passengers and Luggage to be without

The TSA has acknowledged that more control would have been reported at airports in sick than usual. The authority claimed that the Numbers were low and the impact minimal. At airports in the US, but the waiting times at the checkpoints felt renewed, reports the American media. Air travelers should be prepared for this.

© 90 percent of the tax to employees
in vacation

the tax authority, the IRS, 90 percent of the employees are almost forced vacation. So much of the tax is likely to remain for explanations of are, the the US citizens to 28. April 2018 to submit. The consequence of this is that the tax refunds for many Americans are likely to be late.

statistics from the past year show that the tax authority is already on 2. February had paid off the claims of six million Taxpayers. The 12.6 billion US dollars and, on average, slightly more than US $ 2,000 per tax return were expected. This money is not paid now, expected to have immediate consequences on the consumption of households and thus on the US economy, because the people with less money than planned.

© 400.000 US-dollars
per day, the national parks take less of a

The U.S. Federal Agency that is required for the operation of national parks is responsible, works only with a hull cast. The consequence of this is that the authority is losing a day to 400,000 U.S. dollars in revenue, because at the entrances to the national parks of the staff is missing, the collected, otherwise the entrance fees. The access to the Parks is, therefore, free of charge, but not harmless. According to the American media since the 22. December, at least seven of the visitors are killed in accidents; the employees, at least in the most popular Parks pay, the management on the revenue from the entrance fees, which are usually the infrastructure is maintained.