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For many Americans to read the interior and the Americans the drug Evzio for the last resort. It is used when it is actually already almost too late. The agent can reverse an Overdose of opiates – about 5,500 of life, and it is for the admission in the year 2014, saved. But now the manufacturer, Kaléo has increased the price of the drug by more than 600 percent. Kaléo wanted to beat off one of the biggest health crises the country’s Profit, according to a recently published investigation report of the Senate. Alone in 2017 as 70,000 Americans died of a drug Overdose by opiates. For comparison: In the case of car accidents, 40,000 people were killed. There are other similar and cheaper medication. Nevertheless, Evzio is an example of the problems in the American health sector.

came out As, the agent in front of four years on the market, the price of $ 575 is already significantly higher than the 250 to 300 dollars, which had recommended a consultant. As the proceeds of the drug below expectations, the company moved the price to the next level – at least 4.100 dollars. So, the Argument from the manufacturer, enabling them to provide the drug to those available free of charge, where the insurance’ll cover the cost.”Patients, not profits, have driven us,” writes Kaléo. Others say, the manufacturer had want to tap into a larger market.

Because in the end, the report of the Senate, had to pay for this strategy, especially the taxpayers. Because the bulk of the cost was borne by the government insurance programs Medicare and Medicaid, which provide primarily the elderly and low-income Americans. Overall, the funds have cost the taxpayers approximately $ 142 million. For many Kaléo is the most recent example of a system to arbitrary increases in the price of drugs in the US is hardly barriers. The company was able to take advantage of a System that would actually provide the most Vulnerable in the country as a safety net.

New rules for imitators

critics hope that with the new Congress for the first time in years, a Chance to have a long-term solution. The Democrats had made the high health costs to the core theme of your election campaign, and secured the majority in the house of representatives. But the Republican majority speaker in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, recently declared to be open for a new law. Even the President could support it in the election campaign in 2016, Donald Trump had been announced by the pharmaceutical companies in the fight. In may, he published a 44-pages long strategy paper. The pharmaceutical lobby, he said, “makes a fortune on the backs of the American consumer”.

However, the Problem is complex. In most European countries, the state negotiates prices for drugs with manufacturers. In the USA, insurers, manufacturers and their middle men to negotiate. “The American System is a profit-oriented System, in which all Parties are anxious to increase the own Profit,” says Jeanne Pinder of the page seeking more transparency in the insurance market. Experts urge that the admission of counterfeit medicines, the patent law and the taxation of research and development can be better regulated.