Major cities in Germany are increasingly trying to counter the increasing misuse of apartments as holiday apartments. Munich, for example, providers such as Airbnb requires Internet, is a comprehensive information on apartments that are offered more than eight weeks on the platforms for rental to holiday guests. To the right, was the verdict of the administrative court of Munich. Even if they have their headquarters in Ireland, must keep the Internet platform in Germany regulations in force.

Airbnb now has a month long time to go against this judgment in appeal. Otherwise, you must disclose to the operator of the platform of the city of Munich, the required addresses of the apartments offered in addition to the names and addresses of hosts, for the period from January, 2017 to July 2018.

For the case that Airbnb is not the data, had threatened the city in August with a penalty of 300,000 euros. Also the was right, was the opinion of the administrative judge.

According to information provided by the social Department of the city of Munich, more and more homes for the holidays guests are on the Internet portals are offered. In order to fight the Purpose of alienation, the authority of a special investigation team, which examined in 2017 are already 21,000 units. 298 apartments they led to the housing market again, as the city announced. It 92 the court have been decided in proceedings in favor of the towns, and fines in the amount of 851.110 Euro adopted.

The judgment by the administrative court could also provide other cities with a orientation, the fight against misappropriation. The legal situation for the purpose of alienation, but in the cities are different, so that the judgment can not be one-to-one transferred to you.