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railway station read miles on a late Monday morning in January. Hans Weiss rises from the S7. He proposed that the right-hand shore of lake Zurich as the place for our conversation. “You know,” he wrote in his Mail. White grew up in Küsnacht, I have a couple of villages seeaufwärts. “We could go if miles to the Panhandle,” it said in the email, “and show that the spatial planning has to work above the slope edge of the sea.” Because we both have no car, we have to look for the Mobility-Parking lot and our rental car. White sits on the passenger seat and unfolds two maps.

Hans Weiss: I’m a little old-fashioned.

THE TIME is: Why?

Weiss: I was just a couple of days with my son in Hamburg. When I asked him for a map of the city, he looked at me, amused: “there’s an App For that!” I want to but can gopfridstutz a correct map, on which I Orient myself.

stalk, We go uphill to the pan. Buckle up don’t like the 78-Year-old.

TIME: Mr. Weiss, how was it that you were one of the most important landscape protectors Switzerland?

Weiss: Actually, I had studied Geology: I was looking for adventure, want to travel. In fact, I was soon on a multi-week Expedition to Greenland. But when I came home, there was a letter that My father had died, crashed in the onsernone valley. This has thrown me off track. A friend of my father advised me: “best you go to the ETH. There, they learn a real job.” So I became a cultural engineer.

This article dates back to the TIME no 05/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

The father of Hans Richard White, a Professor of folklore at the University of Zurich. Recently, his son has launched his book “houses and landscapes of Switzerland”. The “NZZ” wrote: “The standard work is only a serious local history, but also a timeless compass for dealing with the change.” This change has the son Know.

Weiss: See, you up there?

TIME: The old, crooked trees?

Weiss: you would have looked around a bit earlier. We learned in the study of how to resolve the landscape, that you should eindolen every little streamlet. It was called the land consolidation.


Weiss straighten …: … exactly. For each tree, a farmer avulsion, he received a bonus. I knew, even then, I’m not going to make a life. Even before I had my diploma, was in the official journal of the Canton of Graubünden announced a job: the management of a newly created office for landscape and nature conservation.

TIME: Why the Swiss have chosen a Zurich for this Job?

Weiss: Because the thought that this young, we can form still. At the beginning you have tried this, too, and me charged with the grass seeds for the revegetation of the embankments of the new furnace pass road. I did, but didn’t want to be a beautician. In councillor Leon Schlumpf, Schlumpf, later the Federal Council and the father of Eveline Widmer-sat at the time. I told him, Before we can protect the landscape, we need a spatial planning act, so that it is clear where we build and where not to.

TIME: Why you …

Weiss: … have you seen it?!

TIME: no.

Weiss: A giant Buzzard on a wonderful old fruit tree!

TIME: Why are you interested in spatial planning?

Weiss: This comes from my Childhood and youth. I remember a mountain tour in Soglio. There stood far away from the village of a crane. I asked, what will built there, a sewage plant or a power plant? No, there’s a chemist from Basel, had a lot of Stutz built his private Villa. And in doing so made the landscape broken! Something like that still hurts me today.

We are in Wetzwil, an idyllic hamlet above miles, arrived: a Church, a school, scattered on the hillside and a few farms and individual homes. The sun pushes through the clouds to shreds, the other side of the lake is only a guess. We go for a walk.

Weiss: space planning is really the responsibility of the cantons, municipalities and investors is determine to build, where you. This has led to the spatial planning, as it is stipulated in the law, has not been implemented for decades in many cantons and municipalities.

TIME: So nothing of benefit to all the national and cantonal laws?

Weiss: But, but! Without the national spatial planning act, which entered into force in 1980, would be the Switzerland is quite different.

TIME: How?

Weiss: Very much worse.