In March were 2,301 million people in Germany are unemployed. The goods are 72,000 fewer unemployed than in February and 157,000 are less than a year ago, as the Federal employment Agency (BA) announced. This is the lowest value at the start of spring since March 1991. The unemployment rate therefore fell by 0.2 percentage points to 5.1 percent. “Although the economic back has abated wind, the labour market all in all more convenient”, – said the head of the BA, Detlef Scheele.

excluding seasonal influences, the number of job-seekers dropped to 2,231 million. Accordingly, around 7,000 men and women were without work in February, 3,000 and less in the West and 4,000 to the East.

The under-employment, which includes people who are participating in, for example, in one embodiment, was 3,254 million. You fell on a seasonally adjusted basis compared to the previous month to 9,000. In the case of the Federal employment Agency at the same time, 797.000 Vacancies were reported, of 19,000 more than a year ago.

33,16 million people have a regular Job

The number of people employed was according to the latest data from the Federal Statistical office in February 44,82 million – an increase of 39,000 compared with the previous month, compared with $ 482,000 in the employed.

The increase is, according to BA largely on more employees subject to social security. The number of which has been adjusted according to projections by the Federal Agency from December to January season to 61,000 is increased. So 33,16 million people in Germany last had a regular Job, 660,000 in more than a year earlier.