The Federal government has launched the first immigration law in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany on the way. In government circles it was said that the Cabinet had decided on the project. Details want to introduce the three Ministers of Interior, economy and work – Horst Seehofer, Peter Altmaier, and Hubertus Heil – in the near future.

The project mainly targets skilled workers from countries outside the European Union (EU). For them, the conditions are simplified under which you can immigrate. The How was a fight between the Union and the SPD for a long time.

The Federal government wants to respond with the law on the defendant’s lack of skilled workers.

With a second bill is introduced, a so-called employment toleration for rejected but well-integrated asylum seekers. No deportation more threatening under certain conditions, for the time being, if you have already for a long time, a permanent job.

The SPD had insisted, to bring both projects this year. However, it is likely that the designs will be changed in the parliamentary procedure. The Union is important, that rejected asylum seekers who do not want to give their true origin price, do not get an opportunity to gain a permanent legal Status.

The inner political spokesman of the Union group, Mathias Middelberg, said: “There is criticism with regard to the rules for the exchange of rejected asylum-seekers in the labour market immigration.” Therefore, it is important that the so-called employment acquiescence in the bill now up to 30. June 2022 was limited. Since the scheme is sending “the wrong signals”.