Governing means often enough: persevering. But the right thing. And that’s exactly what the Greens are fighting for. The nuclear issue becomes the question of all questions. How to deal with it, extend terms or not?

What sounds technical is highly political. The rationale of the Greens was – yes, yes, among other things, but far ahead, the anti-nuclear movement. Without exaggeration, they set the whole republic in motion, there were tectonic tremors and shifts in the political landscape – because of them alone.

And earthquakes can happen again now. After even the Union has phased out nuclear power, the Greens now have to consider re-entering the country – because they govern. It’s hard to believe.

What to do when citizens no longer know how to get through the winter, with inflation and everything else? So who are the Greens for? A crucial question; one that decides about being and being less. That’s where pragmatism becomes a political obligation.

The Habecks and Baerbocks would prefer to be sure that they could continue to use nuclear power a little bit, keyword “draw operation”, and nobody would notice. This is nonsense, of course, because everyone is talking about it, including how the Greens are arguing about it. And the opposition is laughing up its sleeve.

If only it were that funny. The fundamental question as an existential question in several respects: The Greens certainly imagined it differently at the beginning of the government. And then this damned Putin turns the world upside down and threatens to shatter the green founding myth at the same time. Dangerous!

Because unity was the green model for success in the past. No more fighting Realos against Fundis, but all together for an environmentally friendly, climate-neutral, better world. So much has been achieved, the citizens are participating. And now this: memories of the hard disputes about what to do in Kosovo or Afghanistan are waking up.

A single tweet stands for this: that of the old front leftist Hans-Christian Ströbele: “Greens always wanted to “create peace without weapons”, now “peace with more and more heavy weapons”. Now instead of “Need nuclear power plants” – “Need nuclear power plants, please” against the alternative, continue with Russian gas? When will the next pillar topple? Just don’t.” That hits it, and how – straight into the green heart.

That too now? Yes, that too. Habeck is already steering the party in the direction of extending the lifetime of the AKW. Not much is missing and he says it could be longer than a few months to be sure for the winter. What would be good for coalition peace – the FDP would be more than happy – is a challenge for party peace.

The recommissioning of switched-off nuclear power plants would be “not a question of years, but rather of a few months or weeks,” explains the TÜV. Which means: how quickly nuclear power plants could supply Germany with electricity again is primarily a question of political will.

And above all the green will. However, the base did not howl when the coal-fired power plants continued to operate. Harmful to the environment, as the coal is and now everyone knows. Main thing, no nuclear power?

The great fear is that the nuclear issue could split the Greens. That’s why they wrestle, make it difficult for themselves – and then the TÜV comes and says: Don’t worry, the piles are safe. The EU comes and declares: What do you want? Nuclear power is green.

In essence, this now plays into the hands of Habeck and Co. They want to do the right thing, want to stick with it, for the party, even more for society – and in that society everyone, whether voters or parties, is being brutally exposed to reality. Only those who recognize them too late will be atomized by the elections.