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What exactly is in it, know only to the Initiated. But from what is in the past few days, leaked, we can see: The framework agreement wanted to finish the European Union with Switzerland, it will fail. Perhaps already this Friday, when the Federal Council is discussing this. At the latest, but in the Parliament. What have the outside figured out Minister Ignazio Cassis and his chief negotiator, Roberto Balzaretti, with its EU partners, in Switzerland, never a political majority. At least two red lines have a given price, the negotiator:

The protection of the Swiss labour market is softened, and the Acquisition of the so-called Union citizens Directive is not explicitly excluded – it provides for, among other things, the right to social assistance without prior employment in the host country.

The two Ticino have succeeded, not only in the national conservative rights against the institutional agreement to be applied, but also the Left and trade unions; and even the bourgeois party leaders commented to Tages-Anzeiger and the New Zürcher Zeitung extremely skeptical about the leaked contract chunks.

Ignazio Cassis over a year ago, his office as Minister of foreign Affairs took, he promised to push in the negotiations with the EU on the Reset button. Everything to zero. The framework contract will be concluded after year-long discussions and negotiations at last. Got to Cassis, finally, the self-destruct Button.

it Comes as expected, is not going to stand by Switzerland at the end of the year, one to Cassis, only without a contract and with a dysfunctional relationship with the EU, but also without a domestic political Alliance of Pro-European forces.

This article dates back to the TIME no 49/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

The SVP don’t want any contract roof with the EU. The SP and the trade unions, the support for the past 20 years, the bilateral path and, thus, majorities, create, resist, to loosen the protection of the domestic labour market. The accompanying measures were, at the time, their main condition for the Participation of Switzerland in the European internal market. And the Civil warn: Alone, because big questions such as those are not mentioned according to the citizenship of the Union, does not mean that you will not be taken over sooner or later. Not at the negotiating table, but which then may be introduced in arbitration courts.

Ignazio Cassis and Roberto Balzaretti, Swiss Pro split-Europeans successfully; good Use of economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann and his Entourage. But the FDP Federal councillor resigns, and General Secretary, Mr Stefan Brupbacher changes at the beginning of 2019 as the Director of the industry Association Swissmem. And the single Europe are not politically relevant Personnel castlings, which take place in the coming days and weeks. Thought of together, and with the necessary amount of forced optimism, this opens up the possibility for a real reboot. Without a Reset button, with political craftsmanship, that is to say: the Parcel strings.

The beginning of the trade unions next Saturday at its Congress in Bern. The members of the strongest workers ‘ organisation, the Swiss Federation of trade unions, elect their new President. The French-speaking Pierre-Yves Maillard to the Ostschweizerin Barbara Gysi. What is staged as a battle of the sexes, is actually a the direction of quarrel: here is the Parcel-lace-UPS, negotiate it as a member of the cantonal government in Vaud mind, with its bourgeois fellow councillors so that he could get as much as possible for his own clientele. The national councillor, who has fought her way through the party and trade Union hierarchies and emphasized: she was the voice of the own base is more important than the great compromise.

The mag Gysi additional votes in the presidential-Ausmarchung. For Switzerland and its European policy is that of a unified trade Union is important, on the Decisions of the political. Internal sensitivities are of secondary importance. The main thing, the base carries the Decisions made and votes at the ballot box accordingly.