Leading Association representatives of the German economy, have criticised the planned introduction of new sanctions of the USA against Iran, and the consequences warned. With the punitive measures the risk of political destabilization in the Middle East, waxes about the President of the Federal Association of German industry (BDI), Dieter Kempf said. The instrumentalisation of the world economy for political objectives of the United States harmful to the international relations and the transatlantic partnership.

The USA want to occupy Iran, Monday, with further economic sanctions, in particular the Oil industry, the financial sector, the transport industry and the major ports. Sanctions against Iran had been exposed to the nuclear deal in 2015, the United States, however, are folded against the will of the Europeans, Russia and China from the agreement. They had taken after the first measures against individual branches of industry in Iran.

Kempf said, the majority of States have recognized that a stronger Iranian economy would contribute to the stabilisation of the Region and the strengthening of the reform forces in Iran. “The new U.S. sanctions limit the economic prospects of Iran unnecessarily.”

a Demonstration in Tehran

the President of The German chamber of industry and Commerce day (DIHK), Eric Schweitzer, said the U.S. sanctions are for Iran to be particularly noticeable, because the Oil and gas business is the main source of income of the country. The Iranian economy was already on the verge of a recession and is likely “to shrink in the foreseeable future”.

Iran’s government is preparing for US sanctions On Monday, the new US sanctions against Iran, including an Oil embargo. The country responded with the notice to produce in the future, their own combat aircraft. © Photo: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

The trade relations with Iran were hit by the sanctions in the financial and logistics sector, said Schweitzer. The payment make already very difficult, because hardly any banks account for transactions with Iran. “German companies are retreating in the face of the current situation increased from the Islamic Republic and close to dance their representative,” said Schweitzer. “Business with Iran is in danger, to come entirely to a Standstill.”

tens of thousands of Iranians demonstrated on Sunday on state-organised rallies against the United States. The protests were originally intended to mark the anniversary of the occupation of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 by radical Iranian students, but also under the impact of the economic sanctions. “Our message to this weird US presidents: Mr Trump, threatened to never Iran,” said Mohamed-Ali Dschafari, commander of the Iranian revolutionary guards in Tehran.