Many things have been said and told about what Manoir Outremont customers experienced during the power outage that affected Montreal and Quebec last week. But there is also a serious omission that no one has mentioned and which should have been mentioned first.

At no time – even today – have the residents of this establishment received a letter or message from the management of this mansion – or from the leaders of the Cogir company to which it belongs – expressing regret or apologies for the trouble this has caused them. Not a word about the paralyzed elevators.

In my opinion, this clearly demonstrates the lack of professionalism shown by the managers of this manor who should, under the circumstances, have rigorously applied an emergency protocol to secure its residents, for lack of having taken care of the maintenance of the equipment. necessary when such an incident occurs.

During the whole blackout, dozens of employees were paraded at the doors of the residents, but they were so poorly informed that they could not be of much help.

In my case, what shocked me the most was being woken up in the middle of the night six times by agents from a security agency hired for the occasion to check on the condition of the residents. On six occasions, they entered my apartment, without even knocking on the door, to then shine the light of a flashlight on my face, as if they were looking for an escapee from prison.

On the occasion of such a breakdown, it is expected that the managers of such a residence will reassure their residents by their presence, their expressions of sympathy and understanding and their gestures of thoughtfulness. At Manoir Outremont, this was lacking. Nothing has been done, and it’s sad for his reputation.