Sometimes the fast food giant McDonald’s changes a product name, sometimes the prices are increased. Customers have already gotten used to this.

However, this change is something fundamentally new. If you don’t follow a few important rules, you’ll be left empty-handed after placing your order. The innovation is a specific word that everyone has to say at the end of the order – and this is not “please”.

As can be seen from a post on the Reddit platform, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is being tested at a McDonald’s drive-thru counter.

You must follow these four rules when ordering:

If you don’t trust the technical aids, you can also use the command: “Team member” to call a human employee who will then serve you as usual.

The branch shown in the Reddit post is probably a McDonald’s in the USA. The very first of these dedicated AI restaurants opened in Texas in January 2023 for testing purposes. However, the company has announced that it will test AI thousands of times worldwide and is cooperating with Google to do so.

The goal: The operational processes should be optimized through artificial intelligence. McDonald’s Vice President Brian Rice explains: “This will make running the restaurant easier, but above all, the experience of our customers and employees will be even better.”

By Dominik Ahrweiler (there)

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