A police intervention with a “potentially dangerous” individual forced the evacuation of an elementary school Monday afternoon in Terrebonne, on the north shore of Montreal.

As the police were not “100%” able to locate the individual in question, after being alerted to his presence in the area by means of a 9-1-1 call, they preferred to evacuate the Vieux-Chêne primary school, located nearby.

The students and teachers were thus evacuated under escort at the end of the classes, said the captain of the Terrebonne Police Department, Daniel Provencher.

“Never was there a threat or anything to the school, students or staff. It’s really a move on our part to secure and make sure the world is safe,” he said.

The individual behind the deployment was finally located in a residence on rue de la Portneuf, where he was still at the end of the afternoon.

The police were talking to him in the hope of getting him out, Captain Daniel Provencher continued.