Did the freezing rain on April 5 make you fear you won’t be able to complete your tax returns on time? Revenu Québec announces that it will show flexibility towards the individuals and businesses affected.

The episode of freezing rain that plunged part of the Quebec population into darkness for several days during the first week of April complicated the tax period.

“Citizens and businesses have expressed concern about their ability to file their income tax returns within the prescribed deadlines, that is, next May 1,” Revenu Québec said in a press release released Friday.

The provincial agency wanted to reassure the population that it is sensitive to the situation and will be flexible.

“The persons concerned may, if necessary, make a request for flexibility regarding interest and penalties using form MR-94.1, specifies Revenu Québec. [We will proceed] to the analysis on a case-by-case basis, and will take the appropriate action according to the particularities of each file. »