Who makes in the Saarland his tax return, can be expected in a nationwide comparison, the fastest with a refund. This is evident from an analysis of over 300,000 anonymised tax returns, which were created via the Portal lohnsteuer-kompakt.de . Accordingly, the financial offices need in the Saarland, an average of 48.7 days to process the tax Declaration, the Federal average of 56.1 days of processing time. Thus, the processing will take 0.7 days longer than in the previous year, in 2016 the processing time was around 52 days.

Berlin, where tax returns failure, despite many other authorities, stands to be processed quickly, slipped to 48.9 editing days. Behind Hamburg followed with 49.8 days. In the evaluation of lower Saxony was 65.7 days of processing time.

“For Taxpayers, it is annoying that the duration of processing of the tax declarations in the section is getting longer and longer,” said the managing Director of Lohnsteuer-kompakt.de Felix Bodeewes. In terms of the often Thousands of euros in back payments, he said: “in the end, most of the employees giving the state an interest-free loan, the duration of which is extended every year.”

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In its evaluation took into account Lohnsteuer-kompakt.de 513 financial offices, will be simplified to consist of at least 25 tax returns. Therefore, this evaluation is not as meaningful as the annual evaluation of the Covenant of the taxpayer that requests all financial administrations. These data are not yet available – but by 2017, showed similar Trends as in the case of Lohnsteuer-kompakt.de. However, the time was according to this analysis, until the tax notice is usually even much shorter – in Berlin, for example, they averaged 35 days. Germany’s fastest IRS was 2018, according to Lohnsteuer-kompakt.de in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Finanzamt Wuppertal-Barmen needed for the processing of a tax return is the average of 34.3 days. The ten slowest financial offices were located in the state of Hesse, Bavaria and lower Saxony. The longest employee of the Hessian state tax Inspectorate Hersfeld needed-red castle, with a processing time of almost three months (89,6 days).

The Grand coalition has set itself the aim of simplifying the Filling in of tax returns to the processing speed. Previously, the rules for the submission of Documents have been simplified or free borders. In the coalition agreement it says: “tax simplification is an ongoing task. It is an important political objective, step-by-step progress, and to use, in particular the technical possibilities of modern data processing.” The electronic communication with the financial administration of the state should be expanded, in addition, it is up to 2021, a pre-filled tax Declaration for all Taxpayers.