working income in Germany will be charged according to a study, a little less with taxes and social contributions, but still significantly stronger than in almost all other industrialized countries. Your share of the cost of labour was 2018 for a single average provider of 49.5 percent, as the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) said. In the year 2017, there were 49.6 percent. Despite the slight decline, this is after Belgium the second highest value in the 36 member States on the count of organization. The average of the OECD countries is at 36.1 percent.

“We need a stop sign against the continuous increase of social security contributions and expenditure”, asked the chief Executive of the Confederation of German employers ‘ associations, Steffen Kampeter. In the case of an average earner half of what the employer will pay for him to come to net just once. “This is unfair and unjust,” said Kampeter. The OECD recommends that income from work is less and to tax for income from capital, property and inheritances, more heavily.

Significantly lower the tax rate for families in Germany, however, with only one employed, – stated in the study. Here are related dissipated on the cost of 34.4 percent in taxes and social security contributions. In France and Italy there are more than 39 percent. “The lower burden of families with only one employed is obtained by splitting and non-contributory co-insurance of family members”, said the OECD.