(Stockholm) Sweden announced on Tuesday that it was expelling five Russian diplomats for “activities incompatible” with their diplomatic status.

The Scandinavian country’s Foreign Ministry said it had “summoned Russian Ambassador Viktor Tatarintsev and informed him that five officials from the Russian Embassy in Sweden are being asked to leave the country due to activities that are not incompatible with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” he said in a statement without specifying the nature of these activities.

This announcement comes the day before the broadcast on public television SVT of an episode of a documentary series devoted to Russian espionage activities in Sweden.

Interviewed in this series, Swedish intelligence estimated that one in three Russian diplomats worked de facto for one of the Russian intelligence services.

“These are officials whose mission is to gather information and influence a country in the desired direction,” counterintelligence chief Daniel Stenling told SVT.

In mid-April, Norway announced the expulsion of 15 employees of the Russian embassy in Oslo suspected of spying.