Marc Guilliod, a freshman in one the professor’s classes, said, “Me personally and I know that a lot of students will not attend class tomorrow,”

FREDONIA (N.Y.) — A YouTube channel that interviews philosophers published a video just three days ago with Stephen Kershnar, SUNY Fredonia professor.

Sophia Walter, a junior at SUNY Fredonia, stated that she just transferred during spring semester. “This is alarming to my,” she said.

Kershnar claims that he doesn’t understand why an adult shouldn’t have sex in public with a child.

2 On Your Side named the professor because he is a professor at a state college.

Kershnar didn’t respond to a request to comment.

Stephen Kolison (the president of Fredonia) issued the following statement Tuesday night.

“SUNY Fredonia is aware that a video was posted online that involved one of its professors. These views are offensive and do not reflect the values of the SUNY Fredonia. These views are only those of the professor. This matter is currently being reviewed. “

Kershnar’s students, both past and present, disagree about how to handle the situation.

Dylan Janish, a freshman who received Kershnar last year, stated that while they should conduct an investigation, “I believe they need to do so, but I don’t think any action should take place immediately.”

It’s almost unbelievable that he’s still there, but he should be fired. Marc Guilliod, a freshman in the ‘Life & Death’class, said that he doesn’t believe it should be just an investigation.

Guilliod claims he hasn’t heard from Kershnar that the class he was scheduled to take on Thursday is cancelled. So Guilliod and his classmates are standing by him.

Guilliod stated that “me personally” and that he knows that many other students won’t be there tomorrow. I don’t believe that going to class is a defense of him. But, it’s my opinion that it’s also neutralizing the situation. It’s impossible to be neutral when dealing with such a situation. It is essential that you oppose it.”