In the year 2018, the insured storm losses in Germany are particularly high. As the Association of the German insurance economy (GDV) stated, storm and hail caused all in all, 2.2 billion euros in damage to homes or commercial and industrial enterprises. This sum is about the average for the past 15 years, which amounts to two billion euros. “2018 belongs to one of the four most severe storm in years, the last 20 years,” said GDV President Wolfgang Weiler.

However, the GDV to measure only those damages covered by insurance policies. Possible further destruction are not taken into account in the calculation.

especially storm Friederike had done in January, great devastation. The damage to property caused by Friederike amounted to around 900 million euros. According to the Association, only the storms Lothar (1999) to 1997, Jeanett (2002) and Kyrill (2007) have been stronger than Friederike.

Slightly below average, the balance of the “other natural hazards was 2018″, one of which is about heavy rain. Here are the damage amounts to half a billion euros. The 15-year average is 0.6 billion Euro. Weiler said that although the summer has been unusually dry and long, gave it to locally very heavy rainfall with high damage. In 2018, a symbol of extreme weather in Germany, too, was””.