The shares of the driving merit of intermediary Uber have immediately lost after the IPO. The first course of the papers was on Friday at $ 42 – just seven per cent below the issue price of 45 dollars. The Californian company had collected at the time of the IPO of approximately 8.1 billion dollars (7.2 billion euros), its share but not as successful as hoped.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tried to dampen the expectations. “Today’s just a day. I want this day to be running great, but it’s about what we build in the next three to five years,” he told the broadcaster CNBC. The IPO of the mobility company that was a great spectacle on Wall Street. The New York stock exchange, the company received a large commercial banner, the crowds in the financial district.

Due to the trade dispute between the United States and China is the location on the New York stock exchange is currently bad, which is why the time for Always be the Premiere could be called unhappy. For skepticism, provided also, that the share of Always be a smaller rival Lyft, which went public in March to the stock exchange to make losses. Last year, Uber was trusted to a rating of 120 billion dollars.

investors are hoping for strong growth in

The-minute service providers, investors, attracted strong growth. 2018, the revenues increased in the year-on-year by 42 percent to 11.3 billion dollars. In driving core business growth in the last quarters, however, brought it to a Halt. In addition, Uber is deep in the Minus. Excluding special revenues through the sale of business with a Minus of nearly $ 1.9 billion fell to share of the past year. According to information from the Wall Street Journal, the loss could be even at 3.7 billion dollars – that would be a record minus for a company in the year prior to its IPO.

In the case of the stock market, premiere, especially the question of whether Uber winners can deliver for investors. Commercial-in-chief Khosrowshahi already warned months ago that Uber is not for investors who want a “predictable, profitable business”. Also in the securities prospectus is to be noted that it is uncertain whether Uber will ever reach the profit zone. Criticism, there is also the work conditions at Uber. So gear Uber driver, and drivers protested in front of the stock exchange on the inside with strikes, in order to make on allegedly poor working conditions.

However, Investors hope to find similar success, as it provided, at the time, Amazon. The retailer was passed in 1997 with strong losses in the stock market, but in the meantime, an Online retailer with a market capitalization of about 900 billion dollars and one of the largest companies in the world that writes high profits.

Uber mediated via App Rides, and has brought to the world the taxi industry is in distress. According to information from the company was one of the last 91 million customers per month.