products for children are from the point of view of the Stiftung Warentest particularly often of poor quality. From 278 products examined, the auditors found inside and auditors 79 serious security problems, said Chairman, Hubertus Primus. 28 percent of all children’s products by the fall, therefore, in Tests of the Foundation – in the average of all the products in it were only seven percent.

Many products, “bergen accident hazards, pollutant-loaded or failure in data security,” said Primus. The investigated products are pollutants for the bad judgment to be in almost a fifth of responsible. This found the Tester alone in the last two years, in buggies, children’s wagons, wheels, and baby toys. Also in crayons, play-slime, children’s high chairs and car were children sitting harmful substances such as boron, naphthalene or formaldehyde.

These pollutants are, according to Stiftung Warentest already for adults dangerous. Thus, you can irritate skin and mucous membranes, cause cancer, may impair fertility or cause allergies. Some of the products exceed the test results according to the permitted limits many times over, and should not be sold.

Smart toys can be particularly dangerous.

other safety deficiencies led to the Foundation were tests, in many cases, to poor reviews Thus filled half of the tested children mattresses, a standard designed to protect the child from Choking. From baby toys, also, often contains small could solve parts.

Primus also highlighted electronic devices: Three smart toys have turned out to be spies, because the radio connection to the mobile phone is unsecured, he said. Every Smartphone owner could listen to unsuspecting children and questions, invitations or threats to send.