The statutory health insurance funds have achieved in the first three quarters of the current year, a Surplus of around € 1.86 billion and have operating funds and reserves in a total amount of 21 billion euros. This is the Federal Ministry of health informed, thus confirming corresponding media reports.

That the health insurance companies now have four times the statutory minimum reserve, uses the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn for an appeal: The funds should be “all of the game spaces consistently, in order to reduce their additional contributions,” said the CDU politician. Employees, employers and pensioners should finally be made of the Surpluses of the funds involved. There is no reason to hoard contribution funds “continue”.

so Far, it is provided that the average additional contribution of funds in 2019, compared to the year-on-year decreases of 0.1 percentage points to 0.9 percent. He is paid also in the future, each one-half by employers and employees instead of, as hitherto, solely by the Insured.

the funds receipts in the amount of approximately 180,6 billion euros of expenditure of around EUR 178.7 billion euros. Thus, the revenue of the statutory health insurance funds increased by 3.4 percent. Particularly high is the Income of the General funds is reported to be: He is, since January at around 920 million Euro. In the case of the substitute funds, there are 534 million in the company health insurance funds of 190 million euros.

For the full year, attributed to the Ministry of health with a significant Excess of the statutory funds of the order of magnitude of around 2.5 billion euros.