SSE Renewables seeks planning for wind farm to supply electricity by 2029

In a major development in the renewable energy sector, SSE Renewables, a key player in the energy business, is seeking planning permission for a new wind farm project in the Irish Sea. The company, known for its involvement in the Dogger Bank wind farm, is now looking to build the Arklow Bank 2 wind farm off the Wicklow coast. This project aims to supply electricity to around 850,000 homes and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

SSE Renewables is set to apply to An Bord Pleanála this week for approval to proceed with the Arklow Bank 2 wind farm, which is expected to have a capacity of 800 megawatts. If granted permission and with a final investment decision from SSE, construction could begin as early as 2026, with electricity production starting by 2029.

The wind farm will consist of 56 turbines spread across a 63-square kilometer area in the Arklow Bank region. It will also feature two offshore substations and undersea cables to connect the turbines to the national grid. Additionally, plans include an operations and maintenance base at Arklow Harbour and necessary onshore infrastructure for grid connection.

John O’Hara, SSE Renewables’ Arklow Bank project director, expressed confidence in the project’s planning application, highlighting the use of cutting-edge offshore technology. The company has received substantial support from local communities in Wicklow and Wexford, indicating a positive reception to the renewable energy initiative.

This project aligns with the government’s climate action goals and is expected to bring significant economic benefits, with up to €800 million in investment. SSE Renewables’ commitment to sustainable energy solutions underscores the importance of renewable sources in meeting future electricity demands and reducing environmental impact.