The Mercier Island Bridge in Montreal is still closed to traffic Wednesday morning for an indefinite period due to spring flooding. However, the citizens of the affected sectors have not received an evacuation order from the City, since the situation remains under control.

The situation is especially problematic at the entrance to the bridge on Île Mercier. “The amount of water under the bridge is significant and the flow is rapid,” explains Martin Guilbault, division manager of the Montreal Fire Department.

The City expects the water level to rise to 7800 m3. It is currently at 7500 m3, he pointed out.

Residents of Mercier Island who leave their area will not be able to return home unless they have a safe boat to cross. “Citizens who would like to leave and return on their own are discouraged from doing so. There is a risk of being swept away by the current, ”says Mr. Guilbault.