The Department store chain Galeria Kaufhof Department from expanding after the merger with Karstadt jobs. Of 2,600 full-time posts are to be deleted, such as the management of the company announced. The number of employees affected is likely much higher, because in trading many work only part-time.

in Addition, Kaufhof want to get out of the according to the information from the area collective bargaining agreement. For the remaining employees, an “economic emergency situation tailored tariff seeks solution,” said CEO Stephan Fanderl. In its current state is not part of Galeria Kaufhof is to survive “long term”. The Union ver.di described the plans in an initial statement as “unacceptable”.

Kaufhof since the end of November, part of a joint venture with the former competitor Karstadt. The company responded with the merger and the pressure from low-cost suppliers such as Primark, and online retailers such as Amazon or Zalando, but also the competition of the major shopping centres. Of the merger, the two chains are hoping to improve their competitive position.

Future headquarters in Essen

Around 1,000 full-time positions will be eliminated, according to the figures in the governance and management structures, additional 1,600 full-time positions in the stores. Renovation-related closures are tentatively planned. The same is true for the inner cities, in which both Karstadt, as well as Kaufhof are represented. Several Newspapers had previously reported about the possible closures.

the group’s main management and administrative structures of the two were to pool houses in the future in the previous Karstadt Headquarters in Essen, Germany. At the Cologne location, formerly the seat of Kaufhof, to set up a centre for digitalisation and E-Commerce. In addition, the group wants to control from the catering and food business.

The majority in the new company and the former Karstadt owner RenĂ© Benko. The Kaufhof-owner of Hudson’s Bay Company holds 49.99 percent of the shares.