calls The SPD that older people can refer to in case of unemployment in the future significantly longer unemployment benefits. This is part of the concept of party leader Andrea Nahles for a “welfare state reform in 2025”, in which she also wants to replace the controversial basic backup Hartz IV by a “citizens ‘ money”. The concept is to. in the case of a closed meeting of the SPD party Executive on 10 and 11. February will be decided in Berlin.

“from the age of 50 years, we want to acknowledge the contribution of number of years, even more than today,” said Nahles, the editors ‘ network of Germany. “Who is 58 years old, can now apply for 24 months of unemployment benefit. We want to extend the reference period to up to 33 months.” Currently, Affected to fall after the end of the duration of the unemployment benefit I in the. According to Nahles, the reference period should in individual cases in the future, even on three years.

The SPD Chairman had demanded in the past year, a social reform of the state and announced: “We will not let Hartz IV behind us.” In the Interview, Nahles IV. confirmed again their demands for the abolition of Hartz Instead your party wants to introduce a new basic social security as a “citizens ‘ money”. This is the core of the concept “social state 2025”.

“If sanctions are useless, you are nonsensical”

one of the plans, sanctions against non-cooperating, benefit recipients will be abolished. “If sanctions are useless, but just create new problems, they are nonsensical,” said Nahles. Such measures should never lead to 100 percent cancellation of financial resources. “Sanctions have homelessness, we will abolish it”, said Nahles.

When people need state services, should you need to contact only to a point, said Nahles. The height of the rule sets in the basic allowance would not increase. “We also have a responsibility to the people, which go for little money to work every day. If we do not give them the feeling that their work is worthwhile financially, we will destroy any Motivation.”

said cost more for the reforms can be met, according to the SPD Director of unemployment insurance: “The qualification measures and the longer period of receipt of unemployment benefit I cause, of course, cost, but which are financed from unemployment insurance”, Nahles. Their coffers are full, and the money was there.

CDU rejected plans for longer unemployment benefits

to be expressed, meanwhile the CDU has been criticism of the proposals for a longer payment of unemployment benefits to Older. “I think it sends completely the wrong signal, if you want to extend this labour market situation, with a record of employment to take the Reference for the unemployment benefit”, – said the labour market policy spokesman of the Union group, Peter White, the Reuters news Agency. “I see a need for the unemployment benefit I, no action,” said White.

“The SPD proposals, which do not fit to the situation on the labour market”, said White. Priority must have the mediation in a work and not a longer payment of unemployment benefits. Willingness to talk White signaled the limits to which assets and own apartment in Hartz-IV-Recipients for the purposes of attributing state support from tax funds spared. “We can certainly talk,” said White.

colloquially often Hartz IV-called unemployment benefit II was introduced in 2005 under the SPD-led government of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.