In the process a non-authorized weapons business of the arms company Sig Sauer, the regional court of Kiel has sentenced the three defendants to suspended sentences. Two former employees of the company, with headquarters in Eckernförde were prosecuted with probation penalties in the amount of up to ten months, the Manager of the sister company in the USA with a suspended sentence of up to one year and six months. Add to that fines in the total amount of nearly 900,000 euros.

office of the public Prosecutor, defense and court had already reached an agreement before the end of February of this sentence. In return, the three men laid by their lawyers in front of the 3. Great criminal chamber of the confessions.

Sig Sauer under a General suspicion,

The district court of negotiated the largest case of illegal arms trade in the past years. The focus is on the three earlier Sig-Sauer-Manager for the delivery of more 47.000 guns of the type SP 2022 is a sister company in the USA. Of these weapons, more than 38,000 were sold to Colombia – according to the indictment, without a permit from the competent Federal office of Economics and export control (Bafa).

The charge had gone the year long investigation ahead. These were, according to the Kiel public Prosecutor’s office is very expensive, because of the way each individual gun had to be tracked. In the case of several searches, the authorities provided extensive evidence for sure, the substantiated suspicion against Sig Sauer.

the Bafa took to stop the arms manufacturers with an Export. All the applications would not be approved until the completion of a test for the trustworthiness of the company, would, it was said on the part of the Federal office. Of the group of companies to be confiscated in the framework of the so-called profits of more than eleven million euros.