(Quebec) Representatives of the multinational Airbnb remained completely silent at the end of their meeting, Thursday, with the Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx.

The half-hour meeting was held at the Minister’s office in Quebec City. Earlier, Ms. Proulx had promised to be “unequivocal” with the leaders of this short-term housing rental platform.

In the press scrum, she said she was more than determined to tighten the screw on Airbnb. Quebec has also committed to amending the law by June 9 to require advertisers to display their tourist certification number.

“There are going to be legislative changes, which they will have to comply with,” Ms. Proulx said. The minister did not comment after her meeting with Airbnb.

One thing is certain, the Airbnb representative for Canada and the Northeast of the United States, Nathan Rotman, obviously did not appreciate the presence of the media who were waiting to speak to him.

He categorically refused to answer reporters’ questions about the tragedy in Old Montreal, which killed at least four people last Thursday. Three people are still missing.

Some people missing in the fire had rented their accommodation on Airbnb, while this type of rental is illegal in Old Montreal.