(Sherbrooke) A 49-year-old man is in critical condition in Sherbrooke on Friday morning after being hit by a Canadian Pacific (CP) train the day before.

The collision between the train and the man, who was on foot, occurred around 5:10 p.m. Thursday near Camirand and Dufresne parks in Sherbrooke, behind Belvedere Street South.

“Seriously” injured after the impact, the man was taken to Fleurimont Hospital. We still feared for his life Friday morning, said Isabelle Gendron, spokesperson for the Sherbrooke police department.

An investigation by the Sherbrooke police’s criminal investigation division is underway to understand the causes and circumstances of this accident. The Canadian Pacific Police Service will also participate in the investigative work.

The two operators who were on board the train had to be treated for “violent” nervous shock. They should eventually be met by the investigators in order to collect certain details which could explain what happened during this collision.

At this time, officers do not know why the 49-year-old ended up in the way of the train.

The scene was protected to allow forensic identification technicians to analyze it, but since it is located between the two parks, there is no impact on traffic in the area.