Sixth-grade students from an elementary school in Sherbrooke discovered an inanimate body during an outing early Tuesday morning. Police have opened an investigation, but say there is no prima facie criminal element involved.

The event took place in the morning, at Mont Bellevue, during an activity with students from Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire school.

According to our information, the students were taken care of by the police on the scene, but also by employees of the school and the school board.

Martin Carrier, spokesperson for the Service de police de Sherbrooke (SPS), confirms that an investigation has been opened. “On the face of it, however, there would be no criminal element involved. We would speak of a voluntary gesture, ”he detailed without going further into the causes and circumstances of the case.

The school principal, Brigitte Leclerc, maintained in a letter sent to parents quoted by several media that “some of the students were able to witness a little closer and the parents were contacted quickly as well as other students who needed it.”

“Despite these unfortunate circumstances, the day was still peaceful for most of the students at the school,” she said.

Some “specialized responders” were still called in to support teachers and staff with students, said Ms. Leclerc.

She also advises parents of students who have witnessed the scene to “stay attentive and listen” to their children over the next few days or even weeks.