(Quebec) The young woman sexually assaulted by former Parti Québécois MP Harold LeBel wants to reveal her identity on April 18, to coincide with the release of a documentary on her story.

“It’s a decision that was carefully thought out, weighed, made voluntarily,” the victim told Superior Court Thursday morning.

“After the experience I had, I want to transform these events into something positive and to be able to contribute to society, to do useful work by demonstrating the different stages of the judicial process. »

Requests to lift publication bans are usually effective immediately. This time, the victim asked judge Serge Francœur to allow the media to identify him from April 18, 9 a.m., precisely.

“I would like the order to be lifted at the same time the documentary can be made available,” she said.

The magistrate said he wanted to reflect “on the mechanics, the way of doing it”. But a priori, he intends to accede to the request.

Rarely, the lawyer for former MP Harold LeBel launched a plea in court on Thursday… in his own defense. Me Maxime Roy did not appreciate comments reported in the media and attributed to his client that he had convinced Mr. LeBel to plead not guilty.

“I have never advised a client to lie in order to further their case or to sue when they shouldn’t. I will never accept that a witness or an accused commit perjury in court, “said Me Roy before the Superior Court.

Me Roy’s unusual statement comes on the heels of numerous reports on the decision of the Parole Board. She agreed to release the 60-year-old man after two months of detention, a quarter of his sentence.

To support his request, Harold LeBel now said he believed the version of the complainant. However, he swore before the trial not to have sexually assaulted her in October 2017. According to his statements at the time, the two had given each other a consensual kiss before falling asleep in the same bed.

The young woman instead recounted how the man decades her senior suddenly attempted to kiss her and undo her bra despite her protests, before spending the night fondling her as she lay still, unable of sleeping.

The jury did not believe LeBel’s version. The man was sentenced on January 26 to eight months in prison.

However, the Commission’s decision indicates that Mr. LeBel had pleaded not guilty at the time since he adhered to “the strategy recommended by [his] criminal lawyer”.

His lawyer probably did not appreciate this passage. “To my knowledge, during all of the proceedings, Harold LeBel was telling the truth. Now I understand that he has walked on his truth and continues to walk,” said Me Roy. He asked Harold LeBel to relieve him of his professional secrecy before making his statement.

Judge Francoeur took a moment to reassure the lawyer. “As for me, there is no downside. I just hope that professionally, our paths cross again. You have my full confidence as a defense attorney,” the magistrate said.

Harold LeBel, who left the detention center on Wednesday, did not appear in court on Thursday.