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This is the easiest Exercise, know Nicolas Kring, as he is rising this evening from the car. But Kring is a professional. The broker parked his car in the driveway, casting a glance to the house and front yard. He was only a few impressions of the rich to adjust to it, what comes now. And that is just once the dog. He barks, since Kring has not rung yet. The door opens and a bulky Tier comes out. “Oh, how beautiful”, from the broker. “We have a cat at home. The excitement therefore determined.”

Kring is not expected this evening in the house of the married couple Jenssen*: Petra and Herbert, 62, he was 67. In a quiet residential area, North German small town. “Nu, you come inside,” says Petra Jenssen, and remains short in the way, as she was not entirely convinced by the invitation, she has spoken. But the dog expressed no further objections, and then asking the broker to the tour. Kring is preceded by purposeful, you in small steps afterwards. First of all, in the garden. Terrace with barbecue, lawn, hedges, sheds. It’s all here. Almost 700 square meters of land, of which 130 square meters of living space. Couple Jenssen is also considering to sell this house.

You can see in the first few minutes that you have not made it easy with this first step – the agents invite the house to examine, a price know. Only a few elderly people in Germany go so far, even though you know that your house has become too big and too impractical for you. The children have long since moved out, the stairs are a daily obstacle, the garden makes an effort. The majority of people aged 65 years and over not want to leave the house though, shows a survey of the German annuities AG. Simply because you feel in the familiar environment. Only a third of homeowners admitted that they have more space than necessary.

seniors promise a lot of orders

Petra Jenssen, a woman with sauerkraut blond hair, remains in the middle of the Meadow. “For us, it will be too much with the garden,” she says. “My husband and I would like to use our free time differently.” Answer Kring: “Yes, I can understand that. Finally, it is also a large plot of land.” It goes into the house, the Couple and the realtor to look at all the rooms. At the dining table Kring takes a thick glossy folder containing documentation, the Logo of his employer McMakler, a nationally-active real Estate agents from Berlin. How many competitors in the industry, the company focuses especially strongly on the target group of seniors, which promises to be a lot of orders.

hardly a week goes by in the residents of older buildings, will not find the typical flyers in their letter boxes. “Let the value of your home examine. For free!” Poll, Engel & Völkers, brokerage departments of banks, all the Big and Small of the industry to the houses of the Old ran want to, because the real estate market will bear after the boom years when virtually nothing else. Sub-brokers stories are told, that some of my colleagues even on the market specifically for seniors. The free valuation of the house acts as a lock tender, finally, the broker gets only his Commission when the sale is completed. And often, the about seven percent from the price the buyer pays. In some States, the sum will be divided between the buyer and the seller.

seniors living spacious source: University of Cologne

McMakler advertises specifically to the seniors, in the eve program of the public TV stations. “You know what your property is worth today?”, a woman who has quite a few wrinkles around the eyes says. The company is aimed at those people who have in Germany, the majority of the houses: the Generation of the over 60-Year-old. Among them, the ownership rate is high, nearly 60 percent have a private property, inhabiting mostly.

However, it can afford fewer and fewer young people to buy a house or apartment – the prices have risen too much. To ten percent, the ownership rate is among the 30 – to 40-Year-olds in the past 15 years has decreased and is now at about 45 percent. Those people who start a family and place for children in need, housing is often less of its own surface. A study by the University of Cologne has shown that seniors have with property on an average of 60 square meters per Person. Workers, however, have to make do with 40 square meters.